UK businesses to boost IT spending in 2013

UK businesses to boost IT spending in 2013

Despite the current financial climate, IT departments are accepting that they have to spend more money if they are to help their company be successful and keep up with the competition.

This is the result of the Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT Priorities survey 2013, which showed that 76 per cent of UK IT professionals expect that budgets will either increase or remain the same this year. This number is up from 57 per cent in 2012.

Almost one-third of respondents claimed that they would be allowed to spend in excess of five per cent more over the next 12 months, and 13 per cent added that smaller increases to their budget are also expected.

The study revealed the drivers for spend, with one-third claiming that 2013's money will be going on expanding their services to support the growth of the business, while around 25 per cent said that they would be splashing out on selective areas of IT.

Protecting data was top of the list for the most popular IT initiatives in 2013. With cloud computing and the growth in 'big data' and BYOD, organisations are beginning to truly understand the importance of looking after their data.

This was followed in the top 20 by virtualisation, with almost half of IT professionals admitting that they are planning projects in this area over the next 12 months.

Spending will also be seen on mobile platforms, such as smartphones and tablets, which reflects how important and popular BYOD is becoming in the modern-day workplace. The Computer Weekly study showed that four-in-ten will implement some form of smartphone project, with 35 per cent and 30 per cent working on tablet and mobile device management platforms respectively.

Furthermore, while 15 per cent of respondents claimed that they would reduce spending on IT in 2012, this figure has now dropped to just eight per cent for 2013.