Tips on training your employees in BYOD

Tips on training your employees in BYOD

The benefits of bring your own device (BYOD) have been well-documented over the course of recent months, as too have the challenges.

Many IT decision makers have, despite being powerless to stop its rise, expressed concern over the security of networks accommodating a BYOD approach.

BYOD policies have therefore become an essential part of staff training, with many employers keen to ensure their workers understand the associated risks, as well as the advantages.

One of the most crucial points is to educate members of staff about the best ways in which to access corporate resources from their mobile device.

Systems that may otherwise be familiar to all of your employees may work in different ways when accessed through a mobile device. Workers should therefore be left in no doubt about how to use such platforms.  

Similarly, with there being a plethora of mobile office suites, it is also a good idea to make sure that workers are properly trained in how to use these applications.

For instance, security is always a consideration as mobile apps mean that an increasing number of documents are being created and edited while on the move, making them potentially more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

A code of proper use for these applications is therefore essential when it comes to keeping everything safe.  

Many workers make the mistake of assuming that security of data is the responsibility of their employer. However, when it comes to BYOD, device users need to shoulder some of the accountability.

While companies themselves will be responsible for drawing up a BYOD policy, it is important for employees to follow those guidelines. Companies should therefore make it clear that workers will be held accountable for any inappropriate use.   

Finally, it is essential that employees are aware of what to do in terms of support. So, companies should always make it clear to their workforce about how they can fix any broken or malfunctioning devices.