Three-quarters of IT managers worried about BYOD costs

Three-quarters of IT managers worried about BYOD costs

The increasing number of people using their own devices for enterprise purposes is offering a host of benefits to businesses, but some IT managers are worried that the costs of BYOD will spiral.

According to a new poll conducted by ICT solution and services provider Damovo, 73 per cent of IT directors are concerned of the growing popularity of the trend.

Employees sourcing their own devices, call and data plans could lead to businesses losing their bulk buying purchasing power.

Furthermore, 69 per cent of respondents expect any reduction in IT support costs to be "non-existent", despite the belief that the responsibility for device maintenance would fall on employees.

Glyn Owen, portfolio manager, Damovo UK, said: "As an increasing variety of mobile costs are claimed against employee expenses it is inevitable that enterprise costs will rocket."

The survey also indicated that a number of businesses are exposing themselves to unnecessary risks as 39 per cent of all organisations are without BYOD guidelines.