Surge in mobile apps down to popularity of BYOD

Surge in mobile apps down to popularity of BYOD

The surging number of mobile apps is being partially fuelled by the popularity of bring your own device (BYOD) trends, a recent report has claimed.

According to Flurry from Yahoo's latest State of Mobile study, 2015 saw a 125 per cent increase in the use of mobile productivity apps, with users accessing email, as well as Google Docs, Quip, Slack and the Microsoft productivity suite.

Jarah Euston, vice president of growth at Yahoo, told FierceMobileIT that the data gathered in the report was done so on the back of tracking 785,000 apps and 3.2 trillion app sessions. An app session is whenever an app is opened.

The numbers gathered suggest a eight per cent year-over-year increase mobile app usage last year, with 40 per cent of that coming from existing users.

"The trend now is definitely BYOD. As result of that, folks are able to decide which apps they want to use. So there are a lot more apps for consumers to choose from in an enterprise environment," observed Ms Euston.

The increase in use of mobile apps has also seen many choose phablets over smartphones, with the former seeing a 334 per cent year-over-year increase in use in 2015, compared to 117 per cent for all form factors.

Ms Euston continued by stating that phablets could, if growth rates remain the same, become the dominant form factor over the course of the next ten months.

"The growth rate is just stunning," she added. "It is coming at the expense of small and medium-size smartphones and even full-size tablets."