Successful flexible working needs top-quality technology

Successful flexible working needs top-quality technology

Flexible working is increasing dramatically in both the public and private sector as more and more individuals embrace the possibilities afforded them by improvements in technology and the introduction of the working practice by organisations.

However, bringing the idea into a company and getting it to work is not just as simple as telling your workforce they can use their own devices, work from home or adjust their hours to suit their needs.

A lot more thought and effort is needed and the first priority is ensuring you have the right technology in place to allow the system to work correctly.

Steve Halliday, head of IT at Solihull metropolitan borough council, writing in the Guardian, revealed that finding the right technology is vital.

He said: "A successful flexible working policy requires high-quality technology. It's essential to shop around for a solution that suits your needs. At Solihull, we deal with a lot of data, many containing sensitive information and concerning vulnerable citizens. Security is of paramount importance to us."

This area has been a major concern for many organisations, particularly those in the public sphere, but advances in safety and protection measures in the last few years have been dramatic.

Cloud technologies, which are a crucial element to the implementation of flexible working policies, are much more secure now than ever before and businesses can rely on providers to protect their data.

Another area that has improved in recent months is mobile device management (MDM). The fact that employees will be using their own devices and with so many to choose from at the moment, it is essential to implement some form of monitoring to protect corporate information.

MDM can do this simply and easily, from one location, enabling businesses to do everything from data usage monitoring to the remote wiping of devices that have been lost, stolen or owned by former workers.

Mr Halliday believe that another element crucial to improving the implementation of flexible working is providing staff with choices, whether they be hotdesking capabilities, mobile devices or private computers.