Staff working extra 20 hours thanks to BYOD

Staff working extra 20 hours thanks to BYOD

The proliferation of smartphone and tablets means that many employees are always connected to their job, and new research has discovered some are working up to 20 additional hours per week unpaid.

According to the Workforce Report from enterprise Wi-Fi access firm iPass, a third of workers never fully disconnect from their devices.

The report also said that 92 per cent of mobile employees "enjoy their job flexibility" and are "content" to work the longer hours associated with always being connected to the devices they use for their job.

Rene Hendrikse, vice president of EMEA at iPass, said: "BYOD is effectively turning us into a generation of productive workaholics, with many workers seemingly happy to work during their downtime in exchange for flexibility in how and where they work."

The research did indicate some staff are paying for their excess workload, with 18 per cent picking up their own mobile data bills, an increase of six percent from last year.