Staff education can boost BYOD implementation

Staff education can boost BYOD implementation

Implementing the bring your own device (BYOD) trend within an organisation has a host of benefits but it also comes with a range of challenges.

The main issue concerns the security of sensitive information that is stored on employees' personal devices and away from the office.

Therefore, it is important to educate staff on the dangers associated with BYOD and create a clear policy concerning usage of personal devices.

A BYOD policy may include encrypting data and ensuring strong passwords are set up on personal equipment as well as implementing mobile device management to remotely wipe devices should they be lost or stolen.

Phil Gillard, general manager at, said: "Without focusing on the disadvantages too much, the fact is that by using BYOD, you are giving a new generation of workforce the capabilities that they are able to use so effectively.

"I think the value of that sharing of information and a collaborative approach far outweighs any potential security issues."