Security is key for business tablets

Security is key for business tablets

Tablet computers are proving to be the next big IT revolution, according to an expert, but he warned that businesses need to concentrate on their security solutions to ensure that they can be used successfully.

Nick Rathod, mobility lead Europe, Middle East and Africa for, said that organisations will look to let employees utilise these devices in the office, but ensuring that they are secure is a key consideration.

"There's other providers out there who create technology and load software on to a laptop, smartphone, tablet and all business applications are opened within a container. So if and when a device is compromised, they can wipe that container clean, but it doesn't really affect the remainder of the device," he noted.

Thanks to cloud computing and applications which enable VoIP communications and email, tablet computers could be of great use to businesses that are looking to bring in a flexible working policy.

However, they need to ensure that connections to these programmes are secure, while the encryption of data should also be considered in case a device goes missing or is stolen.