Security a major focus for firms implementing BYOD

Security a major focus for firms implementing BYOD

Security is a major concern for any businesses allowing workers to use their own personal devices for corporate reasons.

This is the opinion of Andy Brewerton, country manager for the United Kingdom and Ireland at, who said that security is of extreme importance to a firm when staff are using mobile devices away from the office.

He said that firms implementing BYOD increase the risk of loss, theft, or damage, so security is something that must be seriously considered, as well as how to recover lost information should the worst happen.

"Perhaps one person losing a spreadsheet is not going to necessarily send an organisation out of business, but one person losing the blueprints to a new product may have a dramatic effect on the profitability of that in the future," the expert explained.

One way of limiting the dangers to a firm is to implement mobile device management, which allows an organisation to wipe any lost or stolen information remotely.