Secure access to data and apps is key to BYOD

Secure access to data and apps is key to BYOD

The bring your own device trend is showing no sign of slowing down, with this Christmas set to see a further rise in mobile devices being used in the workplace.

While this is leading to panic in some companies, as IT departments frantically try to get to grips with the various different types of smartphones and tablets on the market, one expert has claimed the main focus should be on secure access to data and applications.

Dell Software chief information officer Carol Fawcett, said BYOD is not about becoming an expert on every device.

She harked back to the time when a partner of the firm arrived at their workplace wanted to hook up an iPad to the network.

"That's when we realised we had a problem," she explained to Computer World UK.

The BYOD trend combined with the rapid growth of the tablet market was a stumbling point for the expert and she admits she became too focused on the devices themselves, rather than what people were using them for.

Ms Fawcett explained that allowing BYOD is all about giving users a great user experience. "And this means giving them the ability to get to the right data and the right applications. You really have to know your use cases. You have to keep your users at the forefront, defining the current state before trying to shape the future," she noted.

She said that it is very important to understand what type of challenges you are up against before starting to deal with the issues of BYOD.

Adding mobile device management (MDM) tools to your offerings of course will help, as you can control the devices that are being used by your workforce.

MPSmentor recently said that MDM allows companies to send the users an email or allow them to download the application on their devices. "No more handing out the pre-shared key that gets passed around to everyone and no more configuring devices for the IT staff. Device enrollment is as easy as loading an app," the company added.