Samsung Gear S2 to include iOS compatibility

Samsung Gear S2 to include iOS compatibility

​There was plenty of anticipation ahead of Samsung’s showing at the recent CES 2016 event in Las Vegas earlier this month, with many rumours surrounding its proposed collection of new devices.

And the Korean giant did not disappoint, providing attendees an insight into its new range of TVs, the new Galaxy Tab Pro S, and even a new smart fridge.

However, it was the Samsung Gear S2 that is likely to have had the most tongues wagging, particularly with the announcement that it is to offer compatibility with iOS 2.

Although there was no demonstration at the event, Samsung did confirm that its new smartwatch will, once development is concluded later this year, be compatible with Apple devices.

Currently, Samsung’s most prominent foray into the wearable tech market has relied on its in-house Tizen operating system, which only allows it to be paired with Android devices made by Samsung and other manufacturers.

Analysts have already suggested that the move may well be a ploy to hoover up Apple customers left unimpressed by the Apple Watch, but cross-platform devices are becoming increasingly common within the mobile device market.

Canadian company BlackBerry is currently monitoring the success of the BlackBerry Priv, which is the first to run on Google’s Android platform.

Should the Priv prove successful, it may well spell the end of BlackBerry’s own BB10 operating system.

While Samsung is unlikely to issue itself with a similar ultimatum, it seems it has nevertheless recognised the advantages of cross-platform devices.

The company has given little insight into how far its integration with Apple is likely to go, although there is arguably little doubt that it is keen on making a dent in the Californian giant’s standing in both the consumer and business market.