Research suggests CIOs need greater engagement with workers for successful BYOD

Research suggests CIOs need greater engagement with workers for successful BYOD

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend that has swept through various businesses has led to headaches for many chief information officers (CIOs), but there is evidence to suggest that a greater level of engagement with workers is need in order to make such an approach successful.

According to figures from Centrify, many employees working within the infrastructure of a BYOD approach are not paying enough due care and attention to their responsibilities, particularly in regards to keeping devices and information secure.

Out of the 500 workers surveyed, 15 per cent said they felt they had little or no responsibility to protect data stored on their personal devices.

Almost half said they had over six third-party apps on their BYOD device, with another 15 per cent claiming their personal account or password had been compromised.

Somewhat more worryingly, 43 per cent said they had accessed sensitive corporate data while using an unsecured public network.

There was also a trend among workers to not report any devices that were lost or missing.

The results have left many analysts wondering whether BYOD is really something that employees truly care about.

However, the benefits of BYOD are arguably too good to pass up for firms, meaning that the solution is surely a better level of education.

Although there is plenty of evidence to suggest that workers like to use their own devices, it is vital they fully understand the risks that taking such an approach can have.

Michael Osterman, principal analyst with Osterman Research, said: "It is clear organisations need to continue to educate employees on the dangers and risks of mobile security but also look to solutions that safeguard the devices and applications which these employees have access to."

Yet telling workers about the risks, while being the simplest option, is often not very effective, as it is still not placed high on the agenda of many employees.

As a result some companies are finding more inventive ways of driving the point home, including BYOD security compliance within employee performance reviews.