REC praises flexible working options in new report

REC praises flexible working options in new report

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has reported a greater openness towards flexible working as a positive outcome of the recession.

Its Flexible Work Commission found that businesses offering greater flexibility can garner a positive response from employees.

Both retention of talent and engagement with employees improved in firms that offered staff the chance to work away from the office.

Faster broadband connections, Wi-Fi hotspots, improved mobile device management technology and access to the cloud also helps to ensure workers can continue their role from various locations.

A survey conducted last year by the Confederation of British Industry found that 96 per cent of UK employers offer at least one form of flexible working, while 70 per cent offer three or more.

However, the REC's commission found that presenteeism is still standing in the way of flexible working within some organisations, as well as a fear that accepting one request would see a flood from other members of staff.

Chief executive Kevin Green said: "The UK has a competitive advantage in its flexible labour market and by enhancing and promoting the benefits of flexibility to all, we can leverage this advantage to create more, and better, jobs in the UK."