Post-holiday period can prove tricky for BYOD adoption

Post-holiday period can prove tricky for BYOD adoption

The festive period is one that sees many employees return to work with a plethora of new tablets, smartphones and even wearable technology devices.

Many of these gadgets are bound to end up in a company's network, meaning that preparation is key for many IT departments in order to ensure there are no problems with introducing new items of hardware.

IT leaders with a solid grasp on their system should always take steps before and after the festive period to try and mitigate the risks, which can never really be completely eliminated.

However, there a number of steps companies can take in order to ensure they are not caught out.

First, ensure that your company has a strong security policy in place. It is all too easy to take the security of data for granted, but the fact is all IT departments should view any new device as a possible weak link in their defences.

Companies should ensure their policies are regularly reviewed and updated in line with current technological trends.

Employees should be aware of company policy at all times, so always be sure to inform workers as soon as there is a change in approach, and send out reminders.

It's always a good idea to ensure that BYOD security solutions automatically sync data on all employee devices to a hybrid cloud system to back up vital pieces of data and, if needed ensure a minimal amount is stored on devices themselves.

It is also a good idea to take inventory of all devices in your system as this will help make it easier to keep track of new devices and prepare a strategy that matches the mobile device landscape of your network.