Personal devices cause headaches for IT departments

Personal devices cause headaches for IT departments

As more and more people are using tablets and smartphones for corporate purposes the headache of security is concerning IT departments.

It is easy to see why employees want to use their own personal equipment, but the range of devices and applications is opening the door for workers to become the victims of hackers or fraudsters.

As well as the obvious risk of cybercrime, IT departments are also worried that mobile devices are more easily lost or stolen than traditional office-based equipment.

Tudor Aw, technology sector head, KPMG Europe said that it is virtually impossible to stop people using their own devices as "the horse has bolted" when it comes to BYOD.

Gartner recently predicted that 80 per cent of the workforce within businesses will be using smartphones or other mobile devices for corporate reasons.

Sandbox software is one way that IT departments can protect their firm's sensitive information, as it segregates information on the device so that it cannot "leak" to an employee’s personal section.

Mobile device management (MDM) software is also playing a role, as it enables IT departments to delete data from devices remotely.