Personal device growth leading to Generation Y working flexibly

Personal device growth leading to Generation Y working flexibly

The growth of smartphones and tablets in the workplace has been booming in recent months as workers and employers alike look to take advantage of the productivity and efficiency benefits they provide.

But, there is another area that the bring your own device (BYOD) trend is having an impact on; the number of people now able to work flexibly.

Having the option not to commute to and from work every day is important for some people, however older employees often struggle to get to grips with working from home. This is where Generation Y comes in.

These young people are the fastest growing segment of the workforce today and in the next decade they will make up the majority. The fact that they have grown up with technology means they are much more comfortable using smartphones and tablets away from the office.

In order to garner the best of these new graduates coming onto the jobs market it is important for businesses to adapt to their desires to work more flexibly, whether that is from home or the option of condensed hours and flexitime.

A blog post for Information Daily, written by Zoe Mitchell, head of human resources at Graduate Prospects, indicated that the number of businesses offering flexible working through technology looks set to increase.

"For businesses looking to grow their graduate talent base there's no doubt that flexible working is attractive to this group, but with it comes a whole new set of challenges," she explained.

"It's never easy to introduce change into an organisation, but if you are looking to create a diverse, happy workforce then flexible working should at least be considered. A well considered policy that has both the interests of the business and its staff at its core should prove beneficial to everyone concerned regardless of generation," Ms Mitchell added.

Businesses looking to allow flexible working within their organisation should look to implement mobile device management software in a bid to gain a tighter control over the date being accessed by workers away from the security of the office.