One in seven firms allow BYOD

One in seven firms allow BYOD

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets is continuing at a significant pace, with more and more devices being used by employees for work-related purposes.

A survey conducted by Equanet suggested that while 72 per cent of employees use their personal equipment in the workplace, just one in seven firms allow BYOD.

This means many devices are being used to hold sensitive corporate information without mobile device management solutions in place to limit the risk of data falling into the wrong hands.

However, firms that do implement the trend and embrace the use of personal devices can make significant savings in terms of costs and efficiency.

Equanet managing director Phil Birbeck said: "We have found that 29 per cent of businesses have actually saved money from their IT budget by implementing BYOD policies."

Mr Birbeck suggested that a structured BYOD scheme is "vital" for modern businesses as creating one will make sure that equipment is standardised across the workplace.

A recent survey conducted by Fortinet revealed that many younger workers now believe BYOD is a "right" and not a privilege, highlighting the importance of embracing the technology.