One in 3 companies ‘still don’t get’ BYOD

One in 3 companies ‘still don’t get’ BYOD

One in three companies are still failing to grasp the concept of bring your own device (BYOD), according to research from tech analyst Ovum.

Research found that around 30 to 35 per cent of BYOD is invisible to IT departments, meaning that staff are following the now well-established trend on their own. 

Furthermore, it was revealed that more than half of staff are using a their own smartphones or tablets to access company data. Despite this, 62 per cent of employees who use their own devices at work do not work for a company with a corporate IT policy regulating such behaviour. 

Adrian Drury, consulting director at Ovum, commented: "Employees are finding ways to do it whether IT knows about it or not.

"Really what we are seeing is enterprise multi-screening in exactly the same way as we see multi-screening in the home. We are seeing multi-screening in the workplace [because] people just want to use the right screen at the right time to get the job done."

However, Mr Drury did note that while staff may want to use their own hardware for work purposes, this does not mean that companies can stop providing such equipment.

Speaking at a Samsung-organised event, he said BYOD is more about employees wanting to use different screens in a complementary way, rather than only using their own devices for work purposes. 

This BYOD mentality appears to have extended to software, with almost a quarter of full-time employees finding their own file sync and sharing applications that they are using for corporate purposes. 

"That's an enormous amount of corporate data that's sitting up there that's completely unmanaged by IT, and that's happening because IT isn't giving them the tools to do their job.”

Mr Drury also noted that BYOD brings a new element of competitiveness to IT departments, which have for years dictated what types of devices employees use.