Olympics will revolutionise working practices

Olympics will revolutionise working practices

The London 2012 Olympics is just around the corner and one charity has indicated that the event could be a "watershed moment" for flexible working in the UK.

Many employees will be allowed to work away from the office during the event, many with their own personal devices, in order to avoid the commuter chaos that is expected and also to allow workers to watch some events.

According to the Family and Parenting Institute, the adoption flexible working during the Games will leave a legacy that lasts long after the Olympics.

Dr Katherine Rake, chief executive at the institute, said: "Britons are crying out for greater freedom from long commutes, deskbound jobs and inflexible hours which undermine family relationships."

Recent research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development indicated that 96 per cent of employers already offer flexible working arrangements to staff members.

Chris Papa, managing director of communications specialist and cloud company Qubic, recently described firms failing to allow BYOD as "archaic".