Olympic Games disruption can be mitigated by homeworking

Olympic Games disruption can be mitigated by homeworking

The Olympics in London is likely to create some level of disruption to the everyday lives of people going to and from work.

Many businesses are allowing their employees to work from home during the period, and one expert believes this may be the key to mitigating the problems caused by the event.

Matt Gordon-Smith, director of security at Attenda, said: "There are a number of areas I think, from transport logistics such as getting equipment and services to and from locations to staff availability and how members of staff and their desire to watch the games might affect business."

The expert added that it is important to ensure staff are able to work remotely, whether it be via a laptop or tablet computer.

Mr Gordon-Smith explained that disruptions are going to have a major impact and that ensuring people can continue to perform their role is a key consideration.

This means that having the technical infrastructure in place to allow remote working, which includes mobile devices and cloud technologies, without compromising the data is vital.