O2 targets businesses with cheaper 4G tariffs

O2 targets businesses with cheaper 4G tariffs

Mobile operator O2 has announced that it has launched new 4G tariffs for both new and existing customers with packages aimed at small businesses, amid news that it has also managed to reach its LTE coverage target ahead of schedule.

The company's 4G 'Refresh Airtime' tariffs start at £17 a month, and contain unlimited texts, minutes, as well as 1GB of data.

On top of this, the company has also added £22 and £27 alternatives for firms, which offer 5GB and 8GB of data.

The selection will be made available on a pay monthly basis, lease and SIM only, with the price not including the cost of the handset.

It means that small or medium-sized businesses (SMBs) will now have the ability to access individual and shared 4G tariffs as well as devices capable of connecting to superfast mobile broadband, which will help them to enable to do more when they are on the move.

Its 12 month SIM-only tariffs are currently priced at £21, £26 and £31 respectively, while current 3G customers will be able to update theirs service for no extra cost.

The news comes on the back of the company reaching its coverage target six weeks ahead of schedule.

O2's service now currently covers 14 cities and 130 surrounding towns situated across the country, reaching out to over 18 million users.

Its rapid expansion into the 4G market means that it has now emerged as one of the main contenders to rival operator Everything Everywhere, which launched the UK's first 4G mobile internet service in September last year.

General manager of Marketing Phil Maple said, "We are committed to helping our customers unleash the possibilities of 4G, which is why we're introducing these new tariffs designed to give even more people the chance to experience the very best in mobile technology."

"They can now experience the remarkable things O2 4G has to offer, thanks to the fastest network rollout in our history," he added.