O2 4G rollout ‘six months ahead of schedule’

O2 4G rollout ‘six months ahead of schedule’

Mobile operator O2 has now rolled out its 4G service to 13 of the UK's major cities, as well as an additional 120 surrounding towns.

Its spread has been so fast, that it has now made the boast of being around six weeks ahead of schedule.

The service initially went live in August, covering Bradford, Leeds and London, but has since expanded at a relentless rate over the course of just 11 weeks, giving coverage to 17 million people, which equates over a quarter of the UK population.

Edinburgh, Newcastle, Huddersfield and Rotherham are the latest locations to be added and O2 has claimed that this it can now say that it is responsible for the fastest rollout in history.

The company has since promised that it will continue to invest in it infrastructure, claiming that it is to spend £1.5 a million a day on upgrading its 2G and 3G networks as well as on the ongoing rollout of 4G.

“Our work is nowhere near finished. We’re continuing to completely modernise our entire network and investing £1.5 million every day on replacing and upgrading equipment to ensure our 2G and 3G networks continue to deliver the best experience for our customers,” the company said in a blog. post.

“We’ll continue rolling out our 4G network at a great pace, covering an additional [three million] people over the next three months alone.”

It believes that the extra level of investment will allow it to cater to the needs of an extra three million people. over the course of the next three months.

It seems that O2 is well on its way to catching up with EE's 4G offering, which was made available to customer 10 months previously and currently covers 131 towns and cities across the UK.

But O2 is looking to not just compete in terms of coverage, but with actual products too, offering their customers a whole new range of broadband plans for laptops and tablet devices.