No ‘silver bullet’ for BYOD security

No ‘silver bullet’ for BYOD security

The growth of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend in the UK and around the world is posing a host of security challenges to businesses.

Allowing employees to use their own smartphones and tablets for corporate purposes dramatically increases the risk of data loss and security breaches, with many firms thinking about ways to reduce the risks.

David Mahdi, product manager at, believes that there is not a 'silver bullet' solution to end the risks associated with BYOD.

"I do not think there is any one mechanism where we can say 'we are totally fine because we are encrypting or wiping'. I think really the best thing that IT organisations can do to mitigate risk and feel more comfortable is to do as much as they can within reason," he explained.

He recommended the use of mobile device management, as it allows business to remotely wipe devices that are lost or stolen, limiting the potential for data loss.

Encryption of data was also highlighted by the expert as one way to limit the risk of a security breach and data theft.