Mobile working ‘visibly improves productivity levels’


Flexible and mobile working has many benefits for small business throughout the UK, according to a recent survey from WorkMobile. 

Research from the mobile data capture specialist, revealed that 58 per cent of small businesses claimed mobile working visibly increased staff productivity levels.

In a survey involving 200 business owners and 200 mobile workers, 72 per cent of respondents were found to be more productive when working remotely in comparison to regular office hours.

Workers who do not need an office to get their work done are usually more productive and are saving money for their company (39 per cent), the report suggested.  

Perhaps in order to create a work routine suited to their lifestyle, where employees can work at their individual peak productivity times, business have witnessed a large number of workers opting to work outside of office.

Some 63 per cent of the workforce claimed that mobile working has meant that the work longer hours, yet despite this, 26 per cent said they didn’t mind the overtime. 

Dr Moneeb Awan, managing director at WorkMobile, said: “From office workers who want the flexibility of working mobile, to businesses that want to drive productivity from their logistics personnel or monitor all types of labourers on construction sites, mobile working is affecting pretty much everybody in the world of work.

“The findings of our report show that it’s becoming a more attractive prospect for both employees and businesses, with both sides notably feeling the benefits from this flexible way of working.”

Dr Awan highlighted that by giving staff freedom to work from home means that workers can schedule their job around other commitments and support a healthy work-life balance. 

However, with mobile working causing employees to work extra hours, Dr Awan believes it is vital that businesses are “fully supporting staff and teaching them how to use their mobile devices effectively so that they know when to switch off.”