Mobile work culture continues to grow

Mobile work culture continues to grow

A new report conducted by Jabra has found that mobile workers want a bigger say in the type of devices they are using on a regular basis.

The study of 1,000 workers from a diverse range of job functions and sectors found that this new generation of workers, which it called Generation M, see multi-tasking as a way of life.

As a result of this need to multi-task, 46 per cent of office workers use a mobile or smartphone for their job, 35 per cent use a laptop and a tenth are using VoIP to communicate.

Almost three-quarters admitted to taking calls and responding to emails outside of office hours and just over half of all workers are choosing to do so.

However, one in five employees said they do not have the tools and devices to work the way they want, with many workers taking matters into their own hands by joining the recent Bring Your Own Device trend.

Andrew Doyle, managing director at Jabra UK Contact Centre & Office division, said: "Rather than making GenM fit the old ways of working, organisations need to adapt to give this new generation the tools and support they need to achieve the work life balance they want."