MDM becoming increasingly pressing for corporations

MDM becoming increasingly pressing for corporations (iStock)

Mobile device management (MDM) has become a hot topic fo many companies willing to embrace the advances of the digital age.

Many companies across the UK will already have a good idea on the best ways in which to approach the idea, which has proved crucial in helping to secure enterprise systems accommodating mobile working.

However, for the companies that have not yet made up their minds on MDM, there are several examples out in the US that should serve as evidence on how not to do things.

Indeed the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers recently claimed that thousands of US corporations and government agencies making the same "sloppy and dangerous" mistakes when it comes to MDM that has led to the recent stand-off between Apple and the FBI.

Law enforcers have unsuccessfully requested that the company allow investigators to access the phone of a suspected terrorist in San Bernardino.

The suspect was an employee of San Bernardino County and it has later emerged that his employers had actually paid for MDM software on the iPhone at the centre of it all but had never installed it.

Had the platform been installed the whole row between Apple and the FBI might well have been avoided.

IAITAM chief executive Dr. Barbara Rembiesa said: "My professional estimate would be that about a quarter to a third of government agencies and corporations are not practicing what I would call 'safe mobile device management’.

“We see this everyday where government and private agencies hand out mobile devices to employees and then fail to install the simple mobile device management software that could keep the company or agency itself safe from attack and, as we saw in the San Bernardino incident, also keep our nation safe from attack."

While it's unlikely that many companies in the UK will be faced with such an extreme situation, it does nevertheless stress a key point about the importance of implementing a MDM solution in order to protect systems and keep track on the activities of employees.