Many companies ‘still do not feel ready for BYOD’

Many companies ‘still do not feel ready for BYOD’

Despite the many benefits of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, a number of companies still feel as though they are not prepared to adopt such an approach.

That is the main finding of a new survey, which found that only 40 per cent of respondents ranked their readiness for utilising such technology at 60 per cent or above.

Although that number is still higher than the 34 per cent recorded for 2013, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that this estimate is still optimistic.

The survey, conducted by social media platform LinkedIn, canvassed the opinions of around 1,100 IT professionals during the April-June 2014 period.

Respondents came from a whole range of global industries, company sizes, and job descriptions.

Research found that the use of BYOD is still very much in its infancy, with just 24 per cent claiming that privately-owned devices were being widely used within their company under an official BYOD policy.

Another 31 per cent said their company was at least considering the use of BYOD, while 40 per cent said that company-owned devices were being widely used across their organisation.

The results suggest that many firms appear to continue to have reservations over the implementation of BYOD.

Holger Schulze, founder of the 200,000+ member Information Security Community on LinkedIn, said: "Loss of company or client data, followed by unauthorised access to company data and systems are well publicised as security threats around BYOD, and they were respondents' biggest security concerns in our 2014 study.

"But it is very interesting that the study revealed that respondents' next biggest security concerns were users bringing downloaded apps or content with embedded security exploits into their organisation (47 per cent), followed by malware infections (45 per cent)."

However, such reluctance could be causing companies to miss out on a number of benefits, with a host of professionals recently claiming that BYOD helps to improve happiness, morale and productivity.