Majority of companies back flexible working

Majority of companies back flexible working

The benefits of flexible working practices have been well-documented in recent years and have even been recognised by the UK government, which recently introduced legislation that gives employees greater rights to ask their employer for flexible working opportunities.

While there have been some cases of companies taking a dim view to the trend, an overwhelming majority of firms seem to be receptive, with a recent study suggesting that 79 per cent of organisations offer flexible working as an employee benefit.

The 'Future of Employee Benefits' report from insurer Unum surveyed 13 organisations and also found that just over half (53 per cent) of employee benefits packages are influenced by worker requests.

Marco Forato, senior vice president, global growth strategy at Unum, said: “A lot has changed in UK workplaces over the last 30 years.

"Industries that the UK was previously famous for have slowed, disappeared, been rebuilt or transformed.

"New sectors have emerged, without traditional geographic and technological boundaries."

He added that choice was potentially a key part in ensuring an employer managed to obtain a competitive advantage, adding that any benefits package for employees needs to offer support for both the present and the future.

“A balanced and comprehensive benefits package will be as, if not more, important in the future to fuel loyalty and improve staff retention to help a business thrive," he added.