London 2012 Olympics prompts growth in mobile working

London 2012 Olympics prompts growth in mobile working

Over 1.5 million people are avoiding travel congestion in London during the Olympic Games by working from home on mobile devices.

Figures indicate that the number of people travelling into the capital has fallen sharply since the start of the event, with many commuters taking advantage of flexible working schemes offered by employers.

A host of employees are utilising their own smartphones and tablets away from the office, while businesses have transferred many items to the cloud to allow staff to continue their work as usual.

Colin Stanbridge, the chief executive of the London chamber of commerce, said: "We know that 80 per cent of companies offer some form of remote working, and I think that up to a million and a half employees will take advantage of that at this special time."

The government has set a target for half of all London-based civil servants to either work from home, work from another office, change their hours or alter their route to their job during the games, to limit the disruption caused by travel chaos.