IT security education is vital for businesses

IT security education is vital for businesses

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets within UK businesses is leading to a number of security challenges, after a survey from Opinion Matters revealed 54 per cent of IT managers expect to become a victim of a cyber attack.

Kevin Wharram, an IT security consultant, said that organisations need to educate employees about the dangers they are exposed to by using mobile devices, particularly those who work away from the office.

"A single mistake by an end user that lacks IT security awareness could cause embarrassment or even a fine to a company, by losing or exposing personal data," he noted.

Mr Wharram noted that having an effective IT security education and an ongoing commitment to keeping information secure is vital.

"Education should be visual and it should apply to users outside of the office," he concluded.

His comments come after a new Sophos survey on employee usage behaviour found that a staggering 96 per cent of IT professionals do not trust their end users to make sound IT security decisions.