IT departments urged to evolve with BYOD

IT departments urged to evolve with BYOD

The rapid proliferation of smartphones and tablet computers is showing no sign of slowing and now more and more workers are using their personal devices for enterprise reasons.

David Mitchell Smith, research vice president and Gartner Fellow, said that the move to a mobile-dominated future was secured with the release of the iPhone five years ago.

He noted that smartphones and tablets are no longer simply a communications tool and that the era of running applications solely on a desktop or PC is rapidly being superseded

However, the move towards a mobile workforce is not a simple one for IT departments and Gartner believes it is important to take a multichannel approach to applications due to the rapid rise of BYOD and all the devices this trend can bring to a workplace.

With a host of mobile devices being used by workers it is important to have mobile device management (MDM) software in place to ensure businesses remain safe and secure and the information accessed by staff remotely can be easily wiped or removed if lost or stolen.