Is it time to update your BYOD policy?

Is it time to update your BYOD policy?

IT decision makers have been warned to remain on their toes as the bring your own device trend continues to gather momentum.

Updating a personal device usage policy is crucial, as well as tracking and anticipating end user behaviour and deploying technology to reduce the likelihood of data losses and security breaches.

Mike Geide, senior researcher at Zscaler ThreatlabZ, said that fluctuating consumerisation trends will force IT managers to continually evaluate their policies regularly.

He said doing so on a quarterly basis is probably a good idea, as things seem to be evolving at a rapid pace, making annual reviews outdated.

The continued growth in devices used by employees is increasing the risks for businesses, particularly as recent IDC research indicated a 42.5 per cent year-on-year growth of smartphone usage within companies.

A survey released in April by the SANS Institute found that 61 per cent of more than 500 participating businesses allowed employees to use their personal devices for work-related purposes.