IoT is being used, or planned, at 67% of companies

IoT is being used, or planned, at 67% of companies

A number of experts have already suggested that 2016 will be the year in which the Internet of Things (IoT) truly takes off.

The new year may only be less than two weeks old, but recent research suggests many businesses are already beginning to take notice of the new trend.

A study from Tech Pro Research found that 67 per cent of companies are either already using IoT devices or have plans in place to implement them, mainly within bring your own device (BYOD) strategies.

Popular IoT devices include surveillance equipment, RFID chips/tags, and building controls.

The use of BYOD continues to grow within a majority of businesses, particularly in the digital age, and its influence is surely set to be heightened with the arrival of wearable technology.

It all amounts to a more flexible workforce, with other benefits including lower equipment costs, reduced service plan expenses and device support.

Workers are more confident in using devices in which they feel more familiar with, helping to improve morale and productivity.

While 52 per cent of companies said they had no interest or plan to use wearables, it is an area that has increased from seven to 12 per cent over the last 12 months. Curiosity is subsequently growing.

In the report for Tech Pro Research, Scott Matteson wrote: "Wearables is still a slowly-building industry yet here we see that nearly half of survey respondents are either using, in the midst of implementing, or planning to implement them in the next year."