IoT connections set to surge between now and 2025

IoT connections set to surge between now and 2025

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the hottest rising tech trends, and its popularity is set to surge over the next few years.

A recent study from Machina Research suggests that the number of IoT connections around the world is set to grow fourfold between 2015 and 2025, bringing with it a surge in associated revenue.

The study claims that the number of connections will reach a total of 27 billion during this time, with revenue expected to rise from $750 billion to US$3 trillion during that time, with $1.3 trillion of the total coming directly from end users via devices.

The news is likely to give rise to a number of opportunities for telecoms companies, particularly those with experience in enterprise IT services.

However, at $50 billion, the revenues from pure connectivity are relatively small, although Machina Research's chief executive officer Matt Hatton has told Total Telecom that many communications firms could still find themselves better placed than many other industries in terms of its hopes of capturing a sizeable segment of the market.

Mr Hatton added: "Some, such as Vodafone, are pursuing applications aggressively, while others like Tele2 are focusing more on the horizontal connectivity part

"Inevitably people will trot out the assertion that telcos aren't great at end services, but that's too broad.

"While they may not be good at developing their own pet tracker, for example, most of the interesting stuff in IoT has a heavy enterprise skew and telcos have done a pretty good job of diversifying into enterprise IT services."