Google reportedly set to manufacture its own smartphone

Google reportedly set to manufacture its own smartphone (iStock)

Internet giant Google is reportedly gearing up to release its very own in-house developed smartphone, with the Daily Telegraph claiming it could be released by the end of the year.

The move will be widely seen as the latest attempt by the company to tighten its grip on the Android OS, which is already used by the likes of LG and Samsung, while also bringing it closer in contention with Apple and its flagship iPhone device.

While there have previously been Google branded phones in the shape of the Google Nexus range, even these models were manufactured by third-party companies like Huawei.

But a report in the Telegraph suggests Google is now ready take over the design, manufacturing and software, with its Android platform already the most popular operating system in the world, running on four out of every five devices.

However, despite its success, the company is still reportedly keen on replicating the unity seen with Apple’s combination of the iPhone and iOS system in order to further strengthen its place in the smartphone market.

While many Apple users enjoy the same service, those using Android can often find themselves split and fragmented when it comes to things like software updates, mainly due to a lack of central planning and increased expense in terms of supporting new devices.  

While there is plenty of speculation surrounding what the new smartphone might look like, there is not much in the way of official confirmation, with several news outlets dismissing the news as rumours.

Nevertheless the rest of the smartphone market is likely to be waiting with bated breath next year to see if Google can replicate its dominance in the software market with an impressive new smartphone.