Flexible working key to reducing stress

Flexible working key to reducing stress

The current financial climate has left many companies seeking the best ways in which to keep both the productivity and morale of employees at a favourable level, with many firms having to be as economically efficient as possible in order to compete. 

Stress can have a significant impact on a firm's bottom line, as it can have hugely detrimental effects on the way in which employees go about their work, reducing concentration, productivity and morale. 

It is also something that can affect employees even when they are out of the office, with a recent Regus survey suggesting that 38 per cent of employees lose sleep due to worrying about work, making them less likely to perform at their best. 

The study, which canvassed the opinions of 400 businesses found that 45 per cent of employers believed that stress was responsible for an increase in absenteeism, which consequently has a huge effect on a company's productivity and wellbeing. 

The Regus survey did however, find a solution, with 69 per cent of employees declaring flexible working as being key to reducing stress. 

Flexible working has become something of a norm for many businesses, mainly due to the use of  bring-your-own device (BYOD) approaches, which have really taken off in recent years, allowing employees to work even when they are not office, on whatever device they please. 

Regus UK chief executive officer John Spencer said: "This report confirms that the length of the economic downturn and stuttering recovery have put immense strain on businesses and their staff, and underlines the importance of employers taking action to address the matter.

"The most effective way to do this is to extend flexible working options, with seven in ten workers convinced that this increases wellbeing and reduces stress." 

He added that the trend was in evidence across the nation, with demand for a flexible, more mobile workplace growing, with employers starting to recognise the benefits of letting staff work at locations convenient to them.