Flexible working gaining ground

Flexible working gaining ground

The use of flexible working is continuing to grow, with nearly two thirds of managers now claiming they trust their employees to use such methods effectively, according to a new report.

A study conducted by YouGov and Citrix has suggested that the practice of flexible working has especially gained acceptance among smaller businesses.

The research canvassed the opinions of a 200 small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the UK, finding that 63 per cent of the senior executives are now confident that their employees will remain productive when working away from the office.

Another 28 per cent also claimed that allowing staff to work flexibly would potentially play an important role in improving the balance of their work-life and subsequently make employees less likely to miss deadlines.

Although not all executives are completely convinced by the benefits of a flexible approach to working, 21 per cent are still ready to admit that such a policy makes sense from the point of view of business continuity.

There are a number of other benefits to allowing employees to use flexible working, with morale and motivation being a great driver of demand among workers.

When questioned as to why they thought working from home was so successful, many said that peace and quiet helped productivity (26 per cent), while the time normally spent travelling to and from the office could be used for working (18 per cent).

Another 13 per cent said that working flexibly made it easier to balance their personal life with the demands of the workplace. 

Andrew Millard, senior director marketing at Citrix, said: “As well as meeting demand to improve individuals’ work-life balance, the growing acceptance of flexible working among senior teams shows managers are now realising the commercial advantages it offers,”

“In the BYOD era, employees using virtual technologies can work just as effectively away from the office as they would within it – in most cases contributing to lower travel and office costs for the business.”