Cost cutting and staff retention still at the heart of BYOD adoption

Cost cutting and staff retention still at the heart of BYOD adoption

Keeping running costs low and staff morale high are still the main reasons for adopting a bring your own device (BYOD) trend, according to a new report.

The study, conducted by Brett Winterford, editor of, was the result of canvassing the opinions of nearly 50 chief information officers (CIOs) and desktop or mobility managers in order to gain an insight into their strategies and attitudes towards enterprise mobility, as well as the costs of implementing such an approach.

He found that the main driving forces behind the adoption of such technology were overwhelmingly basic, with attracting and retaining talent, as well as keeping down costs being the main two reasons cited by CIOs and other professionals.

The report also suggests that whatever the reasons for BYOD, the implementation of a mobile device management system is absolutely essential.

One of its main recommendations is the use of a SaaS model for MDM, or even outsourcing it altogether to a separate company that can specialise in such technology.

But the study claims one of the main ways in which companies can really maximise the benefits of BYOD is to give employees more choice in what device they can use within the corporate network.

It added that such a strategy would enable an effective compromise between an employer wanting to enforce its own choice of device and workers preferring free reign over what they use.

“Providing broader choice than a single corporate standard device can bridge the gap between the otherwise mutually-exclusive drivers of empowering users and achieving cost savings,” the report said.

This approach could therefore see enterprises come up with a shortlist of three approved smartphones or tablets that can be used.

These devices can remain the property of the business, while access to corporate applications can be managed easily and effectively by way of MDM tools.