Correct management needs to be in place for BYOD

Correct management needs to be in place for BYOD

Businesses looking to implement the growing bring your own device (BYOD) trend need to ensure they have the correct management in place.

That is the opinion of Koby Amedume, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) marketing director at IT systems management provider Kaseya, who said businesses must embrace the new mobile-centric way of working by allowing staff to use their own devices.

"Accurately identifying which devices are being used and where they are located is a huge and time consuming challenge for any IT team. Gaining insight into what data those devices are accessing and, critically, how secure it is on distributed mobile devices is also complex," he added.

Mr Amedume explained that handling the trend incorrectly, haphazardly or inconsistently will increase the risk of being exposed to security issues.

One way of dealing with BYOD is to have a well documented policy for how the trend can work as well as putting in controls to monitor and manage data usage and network operation.