Companies need to be aware of post-Christmas BYOD issues

Companies need to be aware of post-Christmas BYOD issues

The festive period can be a busy time for many businesses and the gift-giving season can lead to many employees receiving an impressive haul of cool gadgets.

This can inevitably lead to members of staff wanting to use these devices when they get back to work. However, with security remaining a big concern for many companies implementing such an approach, this development can cause something of a headache for IT departments.

The first step to making sure that any security breaches do not occur within your system is to simply ensure that employees are aware of what is expected of them when they come back to the workplace.

This can be achieved by reminding your staff of the policies that your company has in place, while also outlining how they can adequately adhere to such rules. A mobile device management system is always a good way to to go, but ensure that it is easy for workers to enroll in such a policy by giving guidance before they go home for the Christmas period and allow them plenty of time to understand what will be expected if they do decide to introduce a new device into the network.

While it is important to ensure that your network can accommodate the latest smartphones and tablets, as well as the various platforms that they may use to operate, it is also vital to ensure that the apps being used by employees are also given some thought.

This means that as well as ensuring that you provide a list of approved devices, it can also be useful to do the same with apps as this minimises any potential security risk.

Security relies on a number of factors relating to mobile device management, including that of privacy.

It is therefore important to make sure that a privacy policy in terms of access to corporate data and information is made abundantly clear to employees.