Companies lagging behind with BYOD protection

Companies lagging behind with BYOD protection


A number of businesses are lagging behind when it comes to protecting their firm against the security risks associated with the BYOD trend.

According to new research conducted by Forrester Consulting and Juniper Networks, the perceived high costs of protection and the confusion around the trend itself means businesses are hesitating to expand their BYOD programs.

However, with the younger generation of workers looking to use their own devices, the growth of the trend is likely to continue as firms took to retain staff and the skills they possess.

John Brand, analyst at Forrester Consulting, told CIO that organisations are struggling to distinguish which BYOD security solution is best for them.

The majority of respondents (76 per cent) felt that BYOD presented security challenges and put their organisations at risk, even though 78 per cent reported little to no impact from security incidents as a result of deploying BYOD.

Almost three-quarters of respondents said that security will improve as a result of BYOD.