Calls for BYOD caution continue

Calls for BYOD caution continue

The benefits of implementing a successful bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy are well documented. However, so too are the levels of risk associated with introducing such a policy.

Many IT professionals from across the UK have already outlined in great detail how a failure to properly secure employee-owned technology can have a devastating impact on the security of an organisation's infrastructure.

The latest expert to voice his opinions on such matters it G4S Risk Management chief information officer Tim Grieveson, who recently warned that a failure to check over the technology being used by employees at all levels of the organisation can result in "bringing your own disaster".

Speaking at a CIO UK community event, Mr Grieveson talked about the worst-case scenarios of what could face employees at G4S Risk Management, many of which he claimed would be mainly down to staff not taking enough care with devices and the data stored on them.

Grieveson was quoted by as saying: "Mobility is incredibly important, but it's not about the device. It's about the data and accessing it on the right device, at the right place and at the right time.

"You can absolutely have a consumer device, but with it you are going to get consumer support.

"People talk about BYOD or 'choose-your-own-device' – but I call BYOD 'bring-your-own-disaster' if you haven't thought about the fallout of that going wrong."

He added that his arm of G4S was attempting to take a device-agnostic approach to mobile working, something which he believes could lead to the procurement of shadow IT at an enterprise.

And Mr Grieveson admits that the device is second to bandwidth and connectivity in terms of importance, while also stating that there were plans to introduce a new company-wide messaging and mobility programme.

His comments come at an encouraging time for G4S, which has witnessed a recovery on the back of a host of high-profile scandals over the past few months to record year-on-year growth in revenue of 4.8 per cent.