BYOD usage increasing to 74%

BYOD usage increasing to 74%

Some 74 per cent of companies have adopted a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, new research from Tech Pro has found.

Since its rise to prominence a few years ago BYOD is a concept that has arguably revolutionised companies across a whole range of industries.

By allowing employees to bring their own devices into the workplace, companies and organisations have managed to cut hardware and reduce service costs.

While there have certainly been some challenges for a number of companies implementing BYOD approaches, it seems safe to say that the benefits have substantially outweighed the cons.

That has undoubtedly helped to drive the high levels of adoption among many companies, with the latest report from Tech Pro Research finding that nearly three quarters of companies either permit or at least plan to permit a BYOD policy.    

In line with the findings of a previous report, the research also found that small organisations are more likely to adopt a BYOD policy when compared to larger businesses, with a number of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) clearly starting to realise the advantages of allowing workers to use their own devices within the workplace.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the industries most likely to adopt BYOD were IT, technology and education industries.    

However, the stigma surrounding issues such as security has clearly shown little sign of easing, with governmental organisations subsequently found to be the least likely to allow BYOD.

Indeed, of the respondents that declined to allow the use of employee devices, security was cited as the top concern at 78 per cent.

There was also a greater willingness to allow the approach in the United States, which came ahead of Europe in terms of adoption rates.