BYOD trends of businesses revealed

BYOD trends of businesses revealed

Four-out-of-five businesses believe that the implementation of an effective BYOD policy gives them a competitive advantage, according to new research.

The survey, commissioned by BT and Cisco, asked workers from all over the world about their attitudes towards working on their mobile devices, and found that 60 per cent of IT managers believed they had seen a positive impact on productivity after the implementation of a BYOD strategy.

Despite businesses seemingly recognising the advantage of such a policy, only 50 per cent of employees admitted to working on mobile devices, although there were more who said they did so without the knowledge of their employers.

The survey also noted an attitude among workers suggesting their employers should do more to ensure that the maximum potential of using smartphones and other mobile devices is met, with a total of 76 per cent stating that their organisation was not doing enough to take advantage of the possible gains in productivity that such a strategy can bring.

Many respondents offered their own solutions, with 33 per cent suggesting an increased use of cloud technology, while 32 per cent recommended the use of specialist software, and others (32 per cent) thought a greater level of support for those using mobile devices would be beneficial.

However, there are still trust issues between IT managers and employees that are affecting whether companies permit BYOD or not.

Just over a quarter of IT managers believe that all workers within their organisation understand what is required to use mobile devices safely. The fact that the figure has increased by seven per cent in comparison to last year's figures shows that confidence has increased among managers, but there are still suspicions over the security of systems.

Neil Sutton of BT Global Services, said: "With networks creaking under the demands of smart devices and more than three-quarters, (76 per cent) of users convinced that their organisation needs to step up to the opportunity, it's clear that enabling BYOD in its many forms is about much more than simply cool devices and a mobile contract. Organisations need to consider elements of device compatibility, security, Wi-Fi, network, application performance, with a focus on driving costs down."