BYOD still popular, but security concerns remain

BYOD still popular, but security concerns remain

​There is little doubting the enthusiasm for the bring your own device (BYOD) trend which appears to be holding strong among many companies and employees, but there is still a feeling that there are barriers that need to be overcome.

A new report from Crowd Research Partners in conjunction with some leading data security vendors, has suggested that security remains one of the key barriers to BYOD adoption in the workplace, although other factors are also playing on the minds of employees.

Nearly two fifths (39 per cent) of employees say that security is the most significant inhibitor to BYOD adoption, while 12 per cent cited employee privacy. Just three percent said management opposition was the main barrier, with only four per citing user-experience concerns.

It was also revealed that one in five organisations researched had suffered a mobile security breach, usually due to either malware or malicious Wi-Fi.

That threat is playing on the minds of many companies, with 35 per cent stating that security was a burden on IT resources.

With only 30 per cent of organisations stating that they have plans to increase security budgets for BYOD over the next 12 months, there appears little sign of easing the problem.

Pat Clawson, chief executive officer of Blancco Technology Group said: "Despite its many benefits, our study found that 21 per cent of organisations have experienced a data breach resulting from BYOD or corporate-owned mobile devices.

"This often creates a chicken-or-egg scenario — where organisations contemplate whether to push forward with BYOD without having complete security controls in place, or to postpone until they can be absolutely certain data won't be leaked."

In order to change the situation, Mr Clawson claims businesses need to be educated about the full extent of mobile security risks.