BYOD set to see MDM market continue to grow

BYOD set to see MDM market continue to grow Content Categories

​Mobile device management (MDM) has already become a major trend in the tech industry, particularly in the age of bring your own device (BYOD) and mobile working.

Increased flexibility has become the name of the game, leading to the other technologies like the cloud to gain in popularity.

Many of the companies to have embraced mobile working have subsequently found that MDM and the creation of wider BYOD policies have been crucial in keeping data secure and productivity high.

Cloud-based MDM has unsurprisingly become increasingly popular, with emerging markets such as India and China both seeing particularly strong adoption rates.

Analysts have even predicted that the global market could now see a combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.13 per cent between now and 2020.

According to the Global MDM market 2016-2020 report, the emphasis on cloud services is mainly due to enterprises in emerging markets finding it harder to invest in costly on-premise MDM applications.

Increased adoption of BYOD deployment policies will predictably see the market continue to grow further, although it has interestingly suggested that decreasing prices of MDM solutions could actually act as a hindrance to growth.  

The findings come on the back of a related report, the Global Mobile Data Monitoring Market 2015-2019, which suggested the global MDM market could could grown by 22.7 per cent between 2014 and 2019.

That study cited the influence of big data services, which it says offered a wide range of facilities in various areas, such as conversation analysis in social networking websites, fraud management in the BFSI sector, and disease diagnosis in the Healthcare sector.