BYOD set to explode in the next few years

BYOD set to explode in the next few years

Companies struggling to get to grips with the challenges of implementing bring your own devices (BYOD) measures have been warned that the trend is set to explode in the coming years.

Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney believes that the number of smartphones and tablets coming to the market, which employees will want to use, will "outstrip IT's ability to keep the enterprise secure".

He urged software providers to create "beneficial viruses" that could be embedded into corporate data carried on mobile devices to reduce the risks to firms allowing employees to use their personal devices.

Another measure that can be implemented is mobile device management which can be used to remotely wipe data while ensuring workers' devices remain personal as the two types of data are kept separate.

It can also be used to encrypt data, reducing the risk of it falling into the wrong hands, and ensure password protection is maintained.