BYOD set for further growth by 2020

BYOD set for further growth by 2020 (iStock)

​While there has been no shortage of headlines surrounding the security of data on mobile devices, but there has nevertheless been little let up in the popularity of bring your own device (BYOD) trends.

Allowing employees to use their own device in the workplace has increased levels of flexibility and morale among workers, which in turn has lead to gains in productivity.

According to a new study from Hexa Research, the popularity surrounding BYOD is set to make further gains over the next few years across all verticals and global regions.

Whereas companies many have previously opted against the use of BYOD due to security concerns, the increased sophistication of mobile security platforms has helped to ease those worries, creating a policy that is ultimately helping to increase job satisfaction.

That has allowed many companies to enjoy the benefits that come with implementing a BYOD policy, whether they be a small firm or a large multinational corporation.

Larger firms are likely to be the main drivers behind the growth of BYOD policies, primarily due to the fact that they have the most to gain financially.

Most of the growth predicted in Hexa's study will occur between now and 2020, with the financial and healthcare sectors expected to the see the most intense increase in installing effective BYOD systems.

Both sectors have had to deal with a number of compliance issues when putting together BYOD strategies, but organisations working in these sectors are becoming more proficient in dealing with these challenges.