BYOD security policy can boost data safety

BYOD security policy can boost data safety

The proliferation of tablets and smartphones is leading to a growing trend of employees using their own devices for work-related purposes.

While this has the potential to save businesses money, it can also cause some security issues, which are a headache for the IT department.

However, Darrin Reynolds, vice president of information security at Diversified Agency Services, believes that implementing a formal bring your own device (BYOD) policy can boost corporate data security.

Speaking to Search Security, he said that creating a simple policy is one of the most important steps when it comes to communicating to staff what is expected of them in terms of keeping sensitive information safe and secure.

"If you can get the users to be aware of the security elements in your environment, they absolutely will be your best line of defence," he explained.

Making employees aware of the security risks they are exposed to when using their own devices is crucial when it comes to protecting data.

As well as implementing a formal policy, businesses can also protect themselves with mobile device management software.