BYOD report shows how businesses could be vulnerable

BYOD report shows how businesses could be vulnerable

Too many businesses implementing a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy are ignoring the risks that come with a lax attitude towards security.

That is the verdict a new Gartner survey, which claims that the threats posed to networks by worker devices is being substantially underestimated by a number of organisations.

According to the study, nearly half of employees said they used a personal device for work purposes for over an hour each day, while roughly the same number said they used it to perform social networking tasks alongside business tasks.

Such findings have caused many experts to worry that the line between work and personal use is being blurred to an extend that has never been seen before.

This development could be considered all the more worrying when considering the fact that around a quarter of respondents claimed they had experienced a security issue on their private device.

However, 27 per cent actually reported such issues to their employers, a situation that experts claim is likely to arise from the fact that only 41 per cent of employees claimed to use their personal device for work with a BYOD policy.

The survey shows that device security is therefore failing to keep up to the pace set of rate of implementation.

BYOD is particularly popular with midsize businesses as it allows the cost of device procurement and replenishment to fall to employees, while the business itself benefits from the higher levels of productivity that come with a more mobile and flexible workforce.

Yet with various high-profile cases of data breaches, neglecting security can have devastating consequences on both a financial and legal scale.

IT managers at companies across the country are subsequently going to have to accept that BYOD is something that is not going to go away, meaning that employees will need to be educated about their responsibilities and the possible risks associated with using their device at work.